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Thyroid UK Support website on HU

Thyroid UK invites you to join our on line community group which we have developed with our partners at HealthUnlocked. 

Thyroid UK's community has been designed to expand our support and information service to all those affected by thyroid issues, and will enable you to connect with other people with thyroid and related conditions.

HealthUnlocked, the company that designed the website, was founded by Dr Matt Jameson-Evans and Jorge Armanet. They tell us, “HealthUnlocked provides tools to make the most of all the hidden experts out there. Our web-based tools are designed for specific diseases in conjunction with patient groups. The tools aggregate the knowledge, experience and support that often stay with us alone.”

Getting the best out of Thyroid UK's Community

To get the best out of our support website ( https://healthunlocked.com/thyroiduk ), you may need to have a few pointers so we are listing them below for you:

In order to join Thyroid UK Support, click here https://healthunlocked.com/thyroiduk and enter your email address in the ‘Sign up’ box.  You will be sent a confirmation email – click on the link in the email.

On this page you will be asked to set a username - we generally advise people to keep this anonymous, although it is up to you - and you need to create a password of 6 characters or more.

Because you need to be 16 years or older to join HealthUnlocked you need to fill in your birthday. You will also be asked for your gender, but you can make this private later if you like.

Once you have filled in the form, click on ‘Create an account’ and you will be taken to the homepage of Thyroid UK Support.

Welcome Email
When you register with Thyroid UK Support, a welcome email is sent to you, this contains a link to the very important Posting Guidelines for this site. Please make sure you read these as it's important for the smooth running of the site.

Logging in
When you next log in to the site, you are logging into the main HealthUnlocked website, rather than an individual community and you will be taken to your own personal ‘homepage’.

The main feature of this page is a news feed which shows the latest activity from all of the groups of which you are a member.

The following sections of this area can be accessed by clicking on the down arrow next to your name on the green menu bar.

On this page you can add a picture to your profile or you are quite welcome to keep the default image you are given.

You can add your conditions, symptoms & treatments as desired. In order to enter this information, you need to click on ‘Edit Profile’. You will then see a series of boxes ‘My symptoms’; ‘My conditions’ and ‘My treatments’. 

Start typing the condition/symptom/treatment and a drop down list will appear. Click on the one you require or press enter.

In this section, you can also see all of the communities of which you are a member.

There is the option to enter some information about yourself in the ‘bio’ section at the top of the page, as well as your gender, birthday, country and postcode.

Some of the information can be kept private from the public profile by clicking ‘Make private’ in each section.

To see how your profile looks to everyone else, click on ‘View profile’.

Don’t forget to save the page if you make any changes.

This is where you will find your private messages.

To send a message click ‘Compose’. In order to add people to the message you need to start typing the member’s name in the box under ‘Send to’. You will then get a drop down list, where you can pick the member that you need or continue to type the full name and then press enter.

You can now type the ‘Subject’ and ‘Body’ of your message in the boxes provided and click ‘Send message’.

This section contains your 'Contact Preferences', Language preference, 'Data Sharing' preferences, 'Email address' and password. You can also find your Privacy settings here, where you can opt in or out of allowing other users to 'follow you' and/or see your approximate location via the 'people near me' function. If you make any changes – don't forget to click on 'Save changes'.

This section is for help with technical queries – NOT for help with your condition.  There are some handy FAQs in this section, or you can contact HU from here.

Accessing Your Communities
In order to access the communities of which you are a member, you need to click on the drop down arrow next to ‘My Communities’ on the green menu bar.

Once you are in the group of your choice you will see a group-specific header and a grey menu bar.

On this bar you will see Latest Posts and All Posts.

Once you click on ‘All Posts’ you have the option to sort the listing by Newest, Recently Active, Unanswered or Popular.

You will also be able to see ‘Write a Post’ on the right of the group header.

This will bring you back to the homepage of the group you are in.

Pinned Posts
Our ‘Posting Guidelines’ are in the ‘Pinned Posts’ section which can be seen to the right of the screen on the ‘All Posts’ page. There are only 5 visible Pinned Posts, but there is the option to see more.  Please read the Posting Guidelines before using the site as anything contravening them will be edited or removed.

There are various other ‘Pinned Posts’ which contain helpful or important information, they will remain in the ‘Pinned’ section until they are removed by a member of the Admin Team.

Use this section to ask questions or post information which you feel other people may find helpful or interesting.  You can choose a topic for your post from a drop down list.

You can browse topics of interest - these can be seen to the right of the screen.

You have the choice of making your post visible only to members of the community and you can add an image if you like.

Once you have selected which topic you wish to post under (even if this is ‘No Topic’) you can see the tags which have been automatically assigned to your post or question and you can remove any which you feel are not relevant, by clicking on the small cross next to the tag.


You can see the current ‘Poll’, including the results and comments. You can also access previous polls by clicking on ‘All Polls’.

Newest Members
This section shows the latest members to join Thyroid UK – you can also search for any member on this screen.

If you wish to see more details about a member, including their latest activity and any profile information they have chosen to make public, or you wish to send them a message, click on their name to access their public profile.

Group Header
The group header includes a couple of sentences about the group, if you click on ‘read more’ this will take you to more information about Thyroid UK – the charity which runs and moderates this online community. This is where you will find our contact details, a list of our Administrators and a donate button.

We hope that the above will help you to use our support site effectively and that you find the support you need!

The Thyroid UK Support Admin Team

Last Updated 7/04/2015