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Case Studies - Vitamin D

We are collecting case studies from people who have become well through taking thyroid medication, and from people who are still suffering symptoms of thyroid disease despite taking thyroid medication.

If you would like us to use your story as a case study, you can submit it to us online here

Importance of Vitamin D

About 9 months ago, my doctor told me my that I was being over medicated according to the new guidelines and since then I have been slowly going downhill. I never was able to find out anymore about the guidelines and in the end forgot about it - no surprise there lol!

2 weeks ago I went to see him about the possibility that I might have fibromyalgia because of the increasing and immense pain I am now in, falling asleep when I sat for too long, muscle weakness and other things. He said I could well have it but that there was no definitive test for it. There were, however, other things that needed to be ruled out and sent me for a mass of blood tests that seemed to cover everything bar standing on my head!

The last of them have come back. My thyroid seems to be in line with most of the recommended levels I've seen on here but it turns out I am seriously Vitamin D deficient, to the extent of being called into the surgery to get a prescription to take 4 capsules a day for the next 2 months and cod liver oil and 2 glasses of milk a day.

vitamin D capsules and glass of milkThe symptoms are pretty much the same as an under-treated thyroid and so I must have been trying to 'cure' it by thinking that that was my problem. He said that I will feel like a 22 year old when I'm up to par but that it’s not a quick fix and will take a few months but, as I'm 58, if he can make me feel 22, I'll buy him flowers lol!

I'm telling you this because its only a simple blood test but many people go undiagnosed and its not my diet or lack of sunshine because I've always been on top of that. However, there isn't enough decent sunlight in our area of the world (Britain) and as we get older we absorb less anyway....

So, next time you get your regular blood test, maybe ask for vitamin D to be checked as well - it may be fine or not but it wouldn't hurt and it may make a big difference to how well you can feel!