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Thyroid Awareness Week

19th to  25th October 2019

Man in purple topThis Thyroid Awareness Week, we want to raise awareness of the symptoms that people have. People usually have a few main symptoms and then lots of others that come and go.  Some of these symptoms you probably wouldn’t put down to your thyroid condition and think it’s due to something else i.e. depression or infertility.

The usual list of symptoms you find in research studies is quite small.  However, we know that some people have very precise signs and symptoms due to their thyroid disease that cause them problems.  These often went away once on treatment.  We want to hear about them and let others know about them.

So, during Thyroid Awareness Week, we will be asking people to share one of their symptoms and a few words about how it affected you:

  • Saturday 19th October –  a symptom of hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s disease
  • Sunday 20th October – a symptom of hyperthyroidism/Graves’ disease
  • Monday 21st October – a symptom of hyperparathyroidism
  • Tuesday 22nd October – a symptom of hypoparathyroidism
  • Wednesday 23rd October – a symptom of thyroid eye disease
  • Thursday 24th October – a symptom of thyroid nodules
  • Friday 25th October – a symptom of thyroiditis

All you need to do is to make a post or tweet and state, “One of my symptoms of my hypothyroidism was/is ………….” and follow it with #thyroidawarenessweek.  You could also add a photo wearing something purple.  Then share it to all your friends and to Thyroid UK.

Purple Mufti Day

Purple DressWe are also asking people to raise awareness by organising a
Purple Mufti Day in their place of work. 

Purple Mufti Day this year will be on Friday 25th October 2019 and all you need to do is to ask everyone who wants to join in to donate £1 and wear something purple such as a purple top or shirt, purple trousers or tie, purple dresses, socks or shoes etc. 

Purple Nails
To really stand out you could wear a purple hat or fascinator
or spray your hair purple!  Purple nails will really finish the outfit off!

For more information on Purple Mufti Day go here